Following a career working as a features writer for both InStyle and Glamour magazines in London, I started my blog in 2015 to better share my obsessions and inspirations with the world.

At its core, Lucy Sarah is all about celebrating the things that I love here – and also there.

Here focuses on wonderful things a little closer to home, with a strong emphasis on home décor and DIY. Fashion, food, and beauty all find their space in this category, too, and a love for Johannesburg, it’s people, and places is also strongly featured. Further afield, the prominent travel aspect of Lucy Sarah encompasses the beauty of South Africa – also falling into Here. Expect to find inspiration here on My Home, My Joburg, and My South Africa.

Embracing my travel obsession, There offers a glimpse into my adventures across the world, highlighting the bestbest-keptrets, most beautiful hotels, and must-do activities wherever I go.

Today, I live in Johannesburg with my wonderful husband, Ant, and our two cats, Bebop and Rocksteady.

To contact Lucy for collaborations, or if you’re just interested in having a chat, just send an email through to