Lucy Sarah 2.0

I’ve been a little quiet recently, and I’m excited that I can finally let you know why. I’ve been working on updating and changing Lucy Sarah – you’ll see that there have been some layout changes to make the blog cleaner and simpler, and most importantly I’ve overhauled the way I’ll be blogging from now on. This is Lucy Sarah 2.0. 

My twenties have been a little messy. Between moving across the ocean a couple times, getting a chronic illness, entering the workforce, and generally just functioning, I’ve been near constantly riddled by a single thought: I have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s the classic curse of the twenty-something: you can’t attend a family gathering, or meet an old friend for coffee, or bump into a high school rival without being asked: What are you doing? What are your plans? What do you want? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your dreams? What do you want on your toast?

These are big questions.

And, in all honesty, these are questions that I’m not quite ready to answer.

There’s a lot of pressure for your twenties and I love that – I’m relishing the opportunity to discover, and explore, and question, and create, and to BE.

But as much as I relish this time of my life, it’s also been really difficult. Through being a writer, meeting new people, and starting this blog, I’ve realised that I mostly have no idea who I am yet. Isn’t that scary?!

Well, yes, and no – as much as it’s scary, it’s also exciting. I’m embracing it. I’m the girl who hasn’t quite figured it out yet, the girl who wants to explore all aspects of her personality and not put herself in a box, and I’m the girl that wants you to come on this journey with me. Let’s figure this out together. Let’s have fun. The five Lucy’s are all important parts of my character, and I’m looking forward to you exploring them with me.

This is me, this is Lucy Sarah.

And I hope you’ll hang out with me while I try to figure out what that means.


Girly Lucy (1)

Healthy Lucy

Homely Lucy

Social Lucy

Working Lucy


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  • Love this new approach! Can’t wait to see Lucy 2.0 in action <3

  • Looking forward to see what this journey brings! 2.0, lets go :)

  • This is just too beautiful. I hope you do not underestimate how many people you will help in just acknowledging how totally normal these questions are!

  • I absolutely love it Luc❤️ the world needs more you, so on this journey just keep being you because you is the best thing you could bring to the world! Keep shinning bright, you’re inspiring ?

  • Such a lovely idea – am excited to see some fresh content and relive my 20s ;)

    • Nastasjia
    • 3 years
    • Reply

    So freaking cool!!!
    I love all five!!
    Keep it up Luc! Xx

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